Led by Angela Brown, an Occupational Therapist with 25 years experience, our focus is provision of highly professional Occupational Therapy assessments, reports, recommendations and treatment of people referred to the service.

Angela Spent more than 20 years working in statutory services (NHS and Social Services), before starting to work as an independent Occupational Therapist. She has specialised in working with children and young adults for most of her career.

Angela has a special interest in autism and related conditions, and has attained her Post-graduate Certificate in Sensory Integration from Ulster University. She continues on her journey to learn and develop in the field of - Sensory Integration - (SI), with ongoing training.

Angela has a vast knowledge of the equipment available for children and young adults, ranging from hand writing aids to highly supportive seating. Angela maintains her knowledge and skills in relation to equipment by attending regular training and conferences. She is also highly effective in making recommendations for adaptations to environments, both at home and school, for children with disabilities, enabling access to all facilities.

Angela has an excellent knowledge of postural management and the importance of appropriate posture to enable development of functional skills as well as to prevent any physical deterioration of the body. She is able to assess for and recommend seating and sleep systems to allow 24 hour postural management for children and young adults with physical disabilities. She is also able to assess for and make recommendations for car seats for children who are unable to maintain their posture when in the car.

Angela left the NHS in 2012, having spent the previous year splitting her time between NHS and independent work. She now works as an independent OT as well as a - Mickel Therapist - and Mindfulness Practitioner. This allows an interesting mix in her professional life.

In addition, Angela works closely with -Total Train Ltd - a training and expert witness company working in Cumbria, and across the UK. Total Train Ltd provides training to school staff on a range of topics and Angela works with them to develop training which incorporates her knowledge and skills. Angela and Total Train Ltd’s expertise in the safer handling of children provide individual assessments for children who present with behaviour that challenges school staff. They then provide information relating to therapeutic intervention which may help both the child and the staff, as well as bespoke training to staff in how to physically manage the child, should the need arise.

Angela has completed the Bond Solon / Cardiff University (CUBS) Expert Witness training and is able to provide expert witness assessments and reports in relation to paediatric medico-legal cases and educational tribunals.